Amazing gradients and tiles

Wallpaper makes designing elegant and modern backgrounds a breeze. It ships with over 180 gradients and 85 full customizable SVG patterns to choose from. If that is not enough, you can even define your own.

Key Features


Colours, Gradients & Patterns

Welcome to the Wallpaper demo page. Here you can find an introduction into the brand new Wallpaper stack.

180 Gradients ready to use

My Image

Full pattern controls

Stunning Gradients

Clean gradients

Pattern opacity control

85 built in Patterns

My Image

Subtle Gradients

Percentage Height

Control the height of Wallpaper by the percentage of the browser height.

Gradients are back

Unique Looks

Solid Backgrounds

CSS Gradients

Copy custom Gradients into Wallpaper using CSS. With unlimited possibilities you can copy your gradient right into the Wallpaper stack and use it throughout your site.


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