Parallax scrolling backgrounds

Add some movement to your website as users scroll down the page. Parallax has silky smooth animations that could not be easier to configure.

Key Features


Parallax for
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Parallax Made Easy

Parallax is the easiest way to add parallax background effects to your websites. As you scroll pay attention to the background of the above banner. You will notice that as you scroll down the page, the background image is scrolling at a different rate than the content. This subtle effect makes a big difference in making your website stand out.

Can’t wait to see what
you build with Parallax

Super Easy to Use

Parallax is super flexible too. It supports drag and drop images for each small, medium and large device sizes. It also supports warehouse images which means it also works great with Total CMS. Transparent overlays help make your content pop.

Parallax for
Stacks Pro

Overdose Warning

I know, Parallax is cool. However, I just want to caution you about overusing it. Sometimes less is more.


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