Design Tool for All Devices

Measure is a set of design tools that will assist you refining your responsive layouts so that they look good across all devices. The ruler will assist you in seeing the widths and heights of components on the page quickly across all breakpoints. Device Viewer will let you preview your site quickly across many different mobile devices out there.

Key Features


Measure Parts or Entire Page

The Measure stack can measure individual parts of a page, like this container with text. You can also measure the entire width of the browser window.

Here are some more interesting features:

  • Measure width, height or both.
  • The colors of the rulers change with predefined breakpoints.
  • Double Click to show/hide the rulers
  • Shift + Double Click to show/hide all rulers
  • Show breakpoints and labels inside the ruler

With Breakpoint Labels

Device Viewer Demo

Make sure that you have poups enabled.


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