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Video Wall is the perfect way to dynamically add set of videos to your website. Video Wall can dynamically add videos from both YouTube and Vimeo onto your site. You can even intermix videos from both services into the same wall. There are many different ways to import videos onto your web page. You can import view playlist, channels, users, groups and many more (options vary by service using). Video Wall makes adding new videos to your site a breeze. Simply add new video to a playlist or group that Video Wall is configured to import. This video will magically appear onto your live website within minutes.

Key Features


Static Plater

Video Wall for RapidWeaver

Above is the Video Wall Static Player. It is a separate stack that can be added anywhere on the page. Simply click on any of the videos in the below grid and the video will start playing inside the static player. If you scroll down the page while the video is playing, you will see that the video will dock itself to the side of the browser. This is a great way to continue viewing the video while looking at the rest of the content on the page.


Lightbox Player

If you click on any of the videos below, the video will automatically play inside of a lightbox. Also notice how the below wall is styled slightly differently from the previous example. There are many great styling customizations that you can do with Video Wall. This includes the lightbox. There are several styles and animations to choose from with the lightbox.



Video Wall for RapidWeaver

If you don't want a big wall of videos, Video Wall has a great option for displaying the video thumbnails in a slider container. This works great with both the static player and the lightbox player. We think that it looks pretty smart placed directly under the static player. The above videos are also loaded from Vimeo as opposed to YouTube like the rest of the walls on this page.


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