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Share it makes it easy for your visitors to share your website on their favorite social networks. You can also use it to easily link to all of your social media profiles. Share it has been rigorously developed to bypass content blockers so your visitors will always be able to see and share your sites.

Key Features


Share It

Below is a selection of the built-in icons that come with Share It. You have full control over the icon colors, borders, shadows, etc. The icon can be alone or encased within a circle. Each of the below will share this page on with that particular service. You also have the ability to instead turn each into a link that you can use to link to whatever URL you want. This is a nice way to create links to your profiles on various social networks.

Share It Launchpad

The Launchpad provides a nice interface for integrating with multiple services in a compact UI. You can add 3 different types of satellite content to the Launchpad. You can add a share action to share your content to social media, email, copy link, etc. You can add a link that can link to any webpage. This is great for social media profiles. Lastly, you can add any stack content. Just remember you don't have a ton of space in these satellites.

Below are 3 possible use cases:

  1. Sharing your webpage with multiple possible social media services.
  2. Linking to your brand's social media profiles online. This demo also opens automatically when it intially scrolls into view.
  3. A help navigation utility that uses links and actions to help a user quickly access what they might need.

Share It Swatch

This swatch gives you the ultimate in flexibility in terms of creating your sharing interfaces. You can configure a swatch with a class or any other typical selector. Then simply add that class to whatever you want to turn into a share interface. In the below demos, we can trigger launch actions off clicking on a button, image and header. However, you can trigger a share action off anything that can have a class added to it.

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