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Easy QR Codes

QR Codes are a very popular method of transmitting data to users on the go. This stack allows you to easily link to a URL, phone, GPS, email, contact vcard and more. All QR codes are generated dynamically as SVGs in order to ensure high definition.

Key Features


How to Scan a QR Code

All modern mobile devices with a camera should support scanning a QR Code. If you open your camera app and point the camera to the QR Code, you should get a notification on your device to launch the data linked to the QR Code.

The QR Code stack will also link to the stored data as well. You can simply clink on the QR Code just as if it was a link.

Link to URL

Scan or click the below QR Code to get linked to a URL on your device.

Call Phone Number

Scan or click the below QR Code to call a phone number on your device. This demo does not link to an active phone number.

Compose an Email

Scan or click the below QR Code to start an email pre-filled with data configured in the stack.

Install vCard

Scan or click the below QR Code install a new contact via a vCard.


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