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The Google Maps stack is the best way to add a responsive map to your website. It supports every possible feature Google provides in their Static Map and Embed Map APIs. There are 5 different map stacks to choose from. These stacks integrate with some more powerful stacks to bring you even more capabilities, including CMS customization.

Key Features


Static Maps

The Static Map stack implements all aspects of the Google Static Maps API. I could probably have 20 different maps here and still wouldn't come close the showing you everthing that it can do. The custom maps styling has been a big addition to v3 of this stack. You have full control over the map markers that you add to the maps as well. You can even use your own custom images. This could be a great way to add your company logo onto your maps.

The Static Maps API does have fees associated with it's use. See Google's billing and usage page for more info.

Embeded Maps

This is the default interactive Google Maps that you see all over the web. You can simply have a map of a perticular area or you can add a marker to a single location. As with all of the embeded maps below, you can customize the zoom, terrain, sizing and more. The maps are fully responsive.


Embed an interactive Streetview of your location. I would love to know the story behind this streetview! 🤣

The Search Map allows you to search for locations within your maps. This maps searches for Whole Foods markets within San Francisco. This maps is also shows an example of a satelite map.


The directions maps allow you to display a route between two destinations. You can also add up to 20 waypoints that you want the directions to pass through. These waypoints can be added manually or through powerful integrations with Total CMS and/or Feeds.

GPS Load

The GPS load stack is pretty cool. It allows you to prompt the user for their actual GPS location and then you can integrate that data into a form and all of the maps stacks. Click on the button below and your current location will be loaded into a map. The ability to load the GPS data into form fields is optional. You can also trigger this behavior automatically on page load instead of requiring the user click on a button.

Type your input data here

Type your input data here

Map Swap

Map Swap allows you to have a centralized map view area. You can then simply click on a button to load a different map into the map viewer. Click on the buttons below to swap the maps that are being displayed. Also note that by default, you do not need to display a map. You can display any stack content. The content will be replaced once a button is clicked to load in a map.


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