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Impact Stack for RapidWeaver

Impact Features

Silky Smooth Animations

You will be hard pressed to find a smoother cross fade than Impact provides. Impact cross fade does not allow any background color to bleed through making its transitions stunning to watch.

Image and Video

Impact allows you to use both images and video into your slideshows. You can intermix them into the same slideshow. Impact will animate perfectly between them.

Flexible Layouts

Impact is extremely flexible with your layouts. You can use for full screen hero or proportional headers. You can also use it among your content to inside lovely slideshows.

Auto Hide Headers

Impact has to ability to completely remove itself from the webpage once the user scrolls down the page and the slideshow is no longer visible.

Overlay Content

You can overlay content on top of your slideshow. You can define content that will displayed on top of all slides or have custom content on each slide.

Animate Content

When a slide animates in, the content that you have added to the slide can also animate in at the same time or on a delay. You have access to all of the effects supported in animate.css.

Custom Controls

You can add custom dot and arrow controls to your slideshows. You have full control to customize the icons, color, size and position.

Screens Integration

If you are using a Screens stacks, you can use Impact to add full screen slideshows to your screens pages. Including video!

Power Conscious

Impact has been built to ensure that your site is not only beautiful but also uses the least amount of resources on your customer's devices. When Impact is not within the visible viewport of the browser, or if the browser is not the active window, it pauses all animations. Impact cares about your visitor's battery life.

Ken Burns Effect

Not only does Impact have silky smooth animations, but it also supports a stunning Ken Burns effect. This will take your slideshows to an entirely different level.