Backgrounds can make the difference between a plain boring site to one that I hip and styling. Jack has so many background options that I honestly will not be able to even scratch the surface as to what can be done with it for this demo.

Solid Colour

Solid color backgrounds are the most basic that you can get. You can already add them to any stack that you want. But once you start playing around with transparent backgrounds, the game changes. You go from boring to sexy…


Sexy Transparency


Jack has every conceivable CSS method for controlling background images. Tiles, responsive backgrounds, cover images, parallax fixed backgrounds, and more. Below are a few examples. There are also many more examples of how how to use background images throughout this demo site. You will also notice in the demo below that we can customize the background images for mobile devices. Resize your browser window to see that in action.



Control Tile Repeat

Cover (fixed)


Gradients are an amazing way to liven up your site. Even a subtle gradient that I not as apparent as the examples below can really make a huge difference.



Two Tone


Fade to Transparent

Fade to Background


Hold onto your seats… Adding some animation to you backgrounds is an awesome way to add some life to your webpages.

Demo #1

Demo #2

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